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Histoire et Ecologie du LANgage et des LANgues

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Phylogenetic Classification of Grassfields Languages

in Revealing structure: Finding patterns in grammars and using grammatical patterns to elucidate language. A Festschrift to honor Larry M. Hyman, Buckley, G., Crane, T. & Good, J. (eds)

Hombert, J.M. & Grollemund, R.

CSLI Publications


Article de revues


Cultural innovations influence patterns of genetic diversity in Northwestern Amazonia

Arias, L., Schröder, R., Hübner, A. & Barreto, G., Stoneking, M., Pakendorf, B.

Molecular Biology and Evolution


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Genetic structure and sex-biased gene flow in the history of southern African populations

Bajić, V., Barbieri, C., Hübner, A., Güldemann, T. & Naumann, C., Gerlach, L., Berthold, F., Nakagawa, H., Mpoloka, S., Roewer, L., Purps, J., Stoneking, M., Pakendorf, B.

American Journal of Physical Anthropology


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The evolution of language families is shaped by the environment beyond neutral drift

Bentz, C., Dediu, D., Verkerk, A., Jäger, G.

Nature Human Behaviour


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Modeling Linguistic Variables With Regression Models: Addressing Non-Gaussian Distributions, Non-independent Observations and Non-linear Predictors With Random Effects and Generalized Additive Models for Location, Scale and Shape

Coupé, C.

Frontiers in Psychology


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Toward a unified view on language evolution and linguistic change

Coupé, C.

Physics of Life Reviews



Comparative reconstruction of Proto-Mojeño and the phonological diversification of Mojeno dialects

de Carvalho, F., Rose, F.



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Is birth attendance a uniquely human feature? New evidence suggests that Bonobo females protect and support the parturient

Demuru, E., Ferrari, P., Palagi, E.

Evolution and Human Behavior



The role of matrilineality in shaping patterns of Y chromosome and mtDNA sequence variation in southwestern Angola

Oliveira, S., Hübner, A., Fehn, A.M., Aço, T., Lages, F., Pakendorf, B., Stoneking, M., Rocha, J.

European Journal of Human Genetics


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