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Développement, Neurocognition, Dysfonctionnements

Themes and actions

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Development of the temporal pattern of the mandibular frame

  Contact person
Melanie CANAULT , Sophie KERN , Leslie LEMARCHAND

Scientific framework and objectives

The jaw has a strong impact in the early development of verbal orality. But baby’s jaw movements are slower than those of adults. The timing of mandibular movements must be reorganized during the speech acquisition process. Preliminary works have shown that mandibular rhythm increases between the ages of 8 and 12 months (Canault & Laboissière 2011, Fouache & Malcor 2013, Babirom project).
I will continue the work begun with the Babirom project, funded by the LABEX Aslan. We will carry out acoustic and kinematic analyses to describe precisely how the young child accesses the adult speech rhythm.

  Financial support
  • Fonds France-Canada pour la Recherche Mandibular oscillatory rhythm during babbling: a pilot study on an early diagnosis tool 2014
  • Labex ASLAN - Université de Lyon BABIROM : Babbling and mandibular oscillatory rhythm 2013-2014
  • Labex ASLAN - Université de Lyon et Labex EFL Paris Development of phonological contrasts in children aged from 8 to 14 months old 2016-2017

  • Canault, M., Laboissière, R., 2011, "Le babillage et le développement des compétences articulatoires : indices temporels et moteurs", Faits de Langue, 37, pp. 173-188
  • Canault, M., 2015, "Le développement de la motricité bucco-faciale", Rééducation Orthophonique, 263, pp. 7-35
  • Canault, M., Roy, J.P., Yamaguchi, N., Kern, S., 2017, "Early evolution of syllable duration as a cue for oro-motor control development: a longitudinal study ", IASCL, Lyon, 17-21 juillet 2017

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