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Embodied cognition in first and second language

  Contact person
Veronique BOULENGER , Alice Catherine ROY

Scientific framework and objectives

Theories of embodied cognition suggest that language processing relies on the sensorimotor system. Understanding action verbs or perceiving phonemes that require strong articulatory movements to be produced activate the premotor cortex.
Our research aims at further investigating this issue by examining the involvement of brain sensorimotor regions during phonological and semantic processing in a second language. Language-related sensorimotor activity is thought to result from learning mechanisms, and we therefore seek to evaluate whether and how this activity is modulated by the second language, depending on the nature of learning (static vs dynamic).

  Financial support
  • Contrats doctoraux Labex ASLAN
  • Appel à Projets Pluridisciplinaires Interne (APPI) Embodied cognition in second language processing: an fMRI study Université Lyon 2 2017-2018


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