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Marsico, E., 1999, "What can a database of proto-languages tell us about the last 10,000 years of sound changes ?", proc. of XIVth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, San Francisco, Août


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Bert, M., Grinevald, C., 2009, "Whose ideologies, where and when? Rama (Nicaragua) and Francoprovencal (France) experiences", proc. of ELAP Workshop: Beliefs and Ideology, SOAS London, 27-28 février 2009 (ed)


Delle Luche, C., Gayraud, F., Martinie, B., Meunier, F., 2005, "Why the study of relative clauses processing should not be restricted to Object and Subject function", proc. of AMLAP, Ghent, Belgique, 5-7 septembre (ed) (abstract) (poster)  (Abstract_PDF)


Thobois, S., Boulenger, V., Mechtouff, L., Broussolle, E., Jeannerod, M., Nazir, T., 2007, "Word processing in Parkinson's disease is impaired for action verbs but not for concrete nouns ", proc. of XVII WFN Congress on Parkinson's Disease and Related Disorders , Amsterdam , 10 décembre 2007 (ed) (abstract) (poster)


Jacquier, C., Meunier, F., 2006, "Would Auditory or Phonological capacities correlate with the time-compressed speech cognitive restoration abilities?", proc. of 5th International Conference on the Mental Lexicon, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 11-13 octobre (ed) (abstract) (poster)  (poster)

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