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Guiraud, H., Bedoin, N., Krifi-Papoz, S., Herbillon, V., Caillot-Bascoul, A., Gonzalez-Monge, S. & Boulenger, V., under review, "Don't speak too fast! Processing of fast rate speech in children with specific language impairment", xx, xx


Vuillermet, M., To appear 2018, "Grammatical ‘fear’ morphemes in Ese Ejja: Making the case for a morpho-semantic apprehensional domain", In Maïa Ponsonnet & Marine Vuillermet (eds.), Morphology and emotions across the world’s languages, Special issue of Studies in Language:42(1)


Guillaume, A., to appear (2018), "The grammatical expression of emotions in Tacana and other Takanan languages", Studies in Language (Special issue on 'Morphology and emotions across the world’s languages', edited by M. Ponsonnet & M. Vuillermet), .


Imbert, C., to appear, "Morpheme Order Constraints Upside Down: Verticality and Other Directions.", Berkeley Linguistic Society, 39


Chevrier, N., Submitted, "Nasality in Bribri", in Bellamy Kate, Elena Karvovskaya, Martin Kohlberger, George Saad (ed.), ConSOLE XXIII: Proceedings of the 23nd Conference of the Student Organisation of Linguistics in Europe (7–9 January 2015, Paris), Leiden: Leiden University Centre for Linguistics. ISSN: 1574-499X


Dole, M., Meunier, F., Hoen, M., submitted, "Functional correlates of the speech-in-speech perception impairment in dyslexia: an fMRI study", Brain, xx:xx, pp. xx


Guiraud, H., Hincapié, A.S., Jerbi, K., Boulenger, V., submitted, "Auditory and premotor neuronal entrainment to normal and fast speech rhythms: a MEG study in typically developing children. ", xx, xx


Lambert-Brétière, R., sous presse, "Serializing languages as satellite-framed: the case of Fon", Annual Review of Cognitive Linguistics, 7, pp. 1-29


Mazur Palandre, A., Sous presse, "Overcoming Preferred Argument Structure", Written language and literacy, Special Issue Language and literacy in French after 10: Insights from complementary perspectives, pp. xx


DiCanio, C., soumis, "The Phonetics of Fortis and Lenis Consonants in Itunyoso Trique", XXXX, XXX


DiCanio, C., soumis, "Tone-Laryngeal Coarticulation in a Complex Tone Language", XXXX, XXX


Voisin-Nouguier, S., soumis, "Les substantifs hors système de classes dans le groupe nyun-buy", Africana Linguistica, XX


Dole, M., Meunier, F., Hoen, M., in review, "Gray and white matter distribution in dyslexia: a VBM study of superior temporal gyrus asymmetry", PLOS ONE, xxx:xxx, pp. xxx


Eriksson, M., Marschik, P.B., Tulviste, T., Almgren, M., Pérez Pereira, M., Wehberg, S., Marjanovič Umek, L., Gayraud, F., Kovacevic, M., Gallego, C., E., In press, "Differences between girls and boys in emerging language skills: Evidence from 10 language communities", British Journal of Developmental Psychology, xxx:xxx, pp. xxx


Vuillermet, M., In press, "Be proud to speak Ese’eja!", Matt Coler, Pilar Valenzuela & Roberto Zariquiey (éds.), Indigenous Peruvian Voices. , Special issue of Texts in Indigenous Languages of the Americas Series. [formerly Native American Texts Series in IJAL]


Al-Tamimi, J., en préparation, "Static and Dynamic Characteristics of vowel production: A cross linguistic study of Moroccan Arabic, Jordanian Arabic and French", Journal of Phonetics., ?


Al-Tamimi, J., en préparation, "Vowel Spaces in production and perception depend on the Vowel Inventory Size: A cross linguistic study in Moroccan Arabic, Jordanian Arabic and French", Phonetica, ?


Brunel, L., Vallet, G., Oker, A., Versace, R., en préparation, "Implicit and explicit emergence of knowledge : selective review and single system approach", xxx, xxx


Gayraud, F., Meunier, C., en préparation, "Respective roles of function and branching in the processing of French relative clauses", Cognition, nd


Lacroix, R., accepted, "Ditransitive constructions in Laz", Linguistic Discovery, .


Agyune Ndone, F., à paraître, "Les noms de lignages chez les Makina du Gabon", Cahiers gabonais d'anthropologie, 14


Ben Hamed, M., à paraître, "Génétique et Sciences Humaines : De la coévolution à la corrélation", Cahiers Gabonais d'Anthropologie, Numéro Spécial 'Génétique et sciences humaines', 19


Ben Hamed, M., à paraître, "Génétique et Sciences Humaines : Une bibliographie commentée ", Cahiers Gabonais d'Anthropologie, Numéro Spécial 'Génétique et sciences humaines', 19


Van der Veen, L., à par., "Linguistic patterns, historical processes: the western Bantu expansion in a multidisciplinary perspective.", Diachronica ?, xx


Van der Veen, L., à par., "Nouvelle synthèse des recherches sur l’origine des Fang et de leur langue. Une réalité ethnolinguistique sous l’emprise du mythe.", Diachronica ?, xx


Bedoin, N., Thomas-Antérion, C., Dorey, J.M., Lebert, F., (2009), "Implicit sensitivity to disgust-inducing stimuli in self-neglect FTD patients", Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, 22:4, pp. 236-241

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