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Iacobini, C., Corona, L., De Pasquale, N. & Buoniconto, A., 2017, "How should a classical Satellite-Framed language behave? Path encoding asymmetries in Ancient Greek and Latin", in Space in Diachrony, Luraghi, S., Nikitina, T. & Zanchi, C. (eds), Amsterdam, John Benjamins


Imbert, C., soumis, "The Grammaticalization of relator nouns in Turkish. Turkish 'postpositions' revisited", in New Reflections on Grammaticalization 3, Noonan, M. (eds), Typological Studies in Langage, John Benjamins


Imbert, C., Vallée, N., 2012, "Pour une description typologique des langues", in Typologie et description linguistiques : Interfaces et interactions, 46, Imbert, C., Vallée, N. (eds), Lidil, Grenoble, Ellug, pp. 5-21 (Article, Link to Journal)


Imbert, C., 2008, "Path coding in Old English: functional story of a typological shift", in Historical Englishes in Varieties of Texts and Contexts, Amano, M., Ogura, M., Ohkado, M. (eds), Frankfurt am Main, Peter Lang, pp. 17-32 (Article (preprint))


Ishibashi, M., 2012, "Expression of ‘putting’ and ‘taking’ events in Japanese: ‘Asymmetry of Source and Goal’ revisited", in Put and Take events: A crosslinguistic perspective, Kopacka, A., Narasimhan, B. (eds), Amsterdam/Philadelphia, John Benjamins  (pdf)

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