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Ailhaud, É., Jisa, H. & Chenu, F., 2018, "Development of revision and drafting strategies of French children and adolescents", 1st European Literacy Summit, Porto, 1-3 November 2018


Ailhaud, E., Chenu, F., 2018, "Link between chronometric measures and text quality in French narratives", SIG Writing, Antwerp, August 29-31


Ailhaud, E., Chenu, F., 2018, "Relating rubric scores to linguistic features and holistic evaluation of text quality in narratives", SIG Writing, Antwerp, August 29-31


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Bertet, D., 2018, "Des classes nominales sur mesure ? Classes nominales primaires et réassignation secondaire en tikuna (isolat, Ouest amazonien)", journées d'étude « Classification nominale et autres procédés de catégorisation du nom dans les langues du monde », CNRS, Villejuif, 13/11/2018-14/11/2018  (abstract, slides)


Bertet, D., 2018, "How to make the most out of one morpheme: disentangling the inflexional morphology of Ticuna’s finite predicative head", Fieldwork Forum (FForum), UC Berkeley, Berkeley, 07/02/2018  (abstract, slides)


Bertet, D., 2018, "The ten tonemes of Ticuna, an Amazonian oddity", Amazónicas 7, Baños, Ecuador, 28/05/2018-01/06/2018  (abstract, slides, handout)


Bertet, D., Skilton, A., Hyman, L., 2018, "Ticuna Tonefest/Tikuna Tonefest! Tones and other laryngeal features in two varieties of Ticuna", , UC Berkeley, Berkeley, 02/05/2018


Bertet, D., 2018, "What exactly is the phonological feature [nasality] in Ticuna (isolate, Western Amazonia)?", Phonetics and Phonology Forum (Phorum), UC Berkeley, Berkeley, 30/04/2018  (abstract, slides)


Bertet, D., 2018, "When only nominals are marked for tense: the case of Ticuna (isolate, Western Amazonia)", BLS44, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, 09/02/2018-11/02/2018  (abstract, slides)


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de Almeida, L., Coupé, C., 2018, "The very first steps of the early L2 acquisition of French phonology: evidence from a nonword repetition task", Current Issues in Child Bilingual Development, Macquarie University, Australie, 26-27 juillet 2018 (poster)


De Carolis, L., Marsico, E., Coupé, C., 2018, "Sound symbolic evidences in French-speakers using animal categories", Pokémonastics, Tokyo, May 26-27 (poster)


De Pasquale, N., Boulenger, V., Roy, A., 2018, "The role of vertical motion in pitch representation. A case study of two French metaphors involved in music description", CIM18: Meaning and Music, Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology, Poznan, Pologne, 17-20 octobre


Easterday, S., 2018, "A crosslinguistic test of two common phonological generalizations: Underrepresented languages yield some unexpected patterns", 16èmes Rencontres du Réseau Français de Phonologie, Paris, France, June 27-28


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Kern, S., 2018, "Les programmes indirects d’intervention langagière : l’exemple du programme Parler Bambin", Première journée d’études "Recherche et orthophonie : le langage oral et son développement typique et atypique, Lyon, France, 22/11/2018


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Lemus Serrano, M., 2018, "Verbal Prosody in Yukuna", Amazónicas VII, Baños, Équateur, 28 mai


Loukatou, G., Ludusan, B., Le Normand, M.T., Canault, M., Thai Van, H., Cristia, A., 2018, "Segmenting words in IDS and ADS: Insights from computational models (Presented within a symposium entitled Infant directed speech: Cross linguistic differences and its role in facilitating early language processing (chaired by Marina Kalashnikova)", International Conference on Infant Studies, Philadelphia, USA , 1-3 juillet 2018


Marsico, E., Flavier, S., Verkerk, A., Moran, S., 2018, "BDPROTO: A Database of Phonological Inventories from Ancient and Reconstructed Languages", LREC 2018, Eleventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, Miyazaki, Japan, May 7-12, 2018 (summary, pdf)


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Valente, D., Kern, S., dos Santos, C., 2018, "Does first word development in bilingual French-Portuguese toddlers mirror monolingual one ? A study exploring executive function abilities ", 6ème Congrès Mondial de Linguistique Française, Mons, Belgique, 9-13 juillet


Valente, D., Kern, S., dos Santos, C., 2018, "Executive function and early lexical development of Luso-French bilingual toddlers", Workshop on Current Issues in Child Bilingual Development, Sydney (Australie), 26-27 juillet (poster)


Valente, D., Kern, S., dos Santos, C., 2018, "First word development in bilingual French-Portuguese toddlers: a comparison to monolingual norms and executive function abilities", Language, Identity and Education in Multilingual Contexts (LIEMC18), Dublin (Irlande), 1-3 février


Vittrant, A., Candier, A., De Mersan, A., 2018, "Désigner l’humain en birman : l’émergence des catégories de ‘ressortissant national’ et d’’étranger’ au contact de l’occident. Une approche diachronique et culturelle", HumaNHum, Strasbourg, 10-12 Janver 2018


VOIRIN, C., 2018, "Motion events in translation: Changes in event types", SLE 2018 - 51st Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, Tallinn, Estonie, 29 août - 1 septembre 2018


VOISIN, S., 2018, "Contact de langues en Casamance et Guinée Bissau : le kobiana et les autres langues de la région", Colloque international annuel de l'ACBLPE, Université Assane Seck de Ziguinchor, Sénégal, 14 juin 2018


Witko, A., Chenu, F., 2018, "Corpus and writing activity of dyslexic and dysorthographic adolescents in the framework of regular speech therapy", 1st European Literay Summit, Porto, 1-3 November 2018


Yamaguchi, N., Canault, M., Paillereau, N., dos Santos, C., Kern, S., 2018, "Do phonological contrasts emerge during the babbling period? ", International Child Phonology Conference (ICPC), Chania, Crete, Greece, 18-20 juin 2018

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