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Cáceres, N., 2008, "Hacia una gramática ye'kwana", communication présentée au CIAG, Ciudad Bolívar, 15 avril


Bruil, M., 2016, "Heterogeneity and variation in the use of Ecuadorian Siona classifiers", Gender and classifiers: Diachronic and synchronic variation, , University of Surrey, January 29


Creissels, D., 2001g, "Heterogeneous paradigms and grammaticalization processes: the example of the negative verb forms of Setswana", 32nd Annual Conference on African Linguistics, Berkeley, Etats-Unis, 22-25 mars 2001


Bedoin, N., Honoré, S., Boyer, P., 2002, "Hierarchical organisation of semantic memory: An fMRI investigation of structural and functional attributes retrieval", 1ères Journées d'Etude "Imagerie Cérébrale et Langage", Lyon, 2002, december (poster)


Guillaume, A., 2006, "Hierarchical systems with inverse effect: the case of Reyesano", 2ème congrès « Syntax of the World's Languages », Lancaster (Royaume-Uni), 14-17 Septembre


Creissels, D., 2013, "High tone spreading in four Sotho-Tswana varieties", 5th International Conference on Bantu Languages, Paris, France, 12–15 June 2013


Easterday, S., 2017, "Highly complex syllable structure: a motivated and stable feature.", IPS Workshop on Abstraction, Diversity, and Speech Dynamics, Herrsching am Ammersee, Germany, May 3-5


Coupé, C., 2006, "Histoires d'origines", Conférence grand public, Centre de Valpré, Ecully, France, 25 Août 2006  (Texte)


Pakendorf, B., 2013, "Historical Linguistics and Molecular Anthropology", Workshop: "Foundations of Historical Linguistics: Dynamics of Hunter-Gatherer Language Change", Boston, USA, 05/01/2013-06/01/2013


Bedoin, N., 1993, "HORNORM: Logiciel pour l'étude de la spécicalité dans le traitement de figures géométriques", Sciences en Fête, Lons-le-Saunier, France, 1993 (poster)


Guiraud, H., Jerbi, K., Hincapié, A.S., Boulenger, V., 2016, "How cortical oscillations track speech rhythm in children: a MEG study", BIOMAG 2016: The 20th international conference on biomagnetism, Séoul (Korea), 1-6 octobre (poster)


Vuillermet, M., 2011, "How Ese Ejja posture verbs left lying around stand for a wide range of grammatical devices", Association Française de LInguistique COgnitive (Localism Session), DDL, Lyon, 25 mai


Manus, S., 2011, "How Many Grammatical Tones?", the 8th Old World Conference in Phonology (OCP8), Marrakech, 19-22 janvier 2011


Ailhaud, E., Jisa, H., 2015, "How the sentence becomes a planning unit: a developmental study of L1 French children's texts", IAIMTE, Odense, Denmark, 3-5 juin


Bertet, D., 2018, "How to make the most out of one morpheme: disentangling the inflexional morphology of Ticuna’s finite predicative head", Fieldwork Forum (FForum), UC Berkeley, Berkeley, USA, February 7  (abstract, slides)

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